Obesity Exercise Prescription

Obesity Exercise Prescription

Diet Pills – The Safe And Proven Way Of Fighting Obesity

When a person has an extra count of fat in his body, he is said to be suffering from obesity. “Overweight” is the term we often hear to refer to a person who has the condition. Such state has become widespread around the globe with the US having the most number of cases. Men and women, the condition is not gender sensitive at all.

Medical practitioners are one in saying that men who have greater than 25% of body fat are considered obese. As for women, it is 30%. Why they differ, you may ask. This is because women generally have more body fat than men. It’s a fact. But whatever the person’s gender is, obesity is just the same difficult task to eliminate. And if you win the battle, just as hard is fighting its recurrence — another fact.

There are many other ways to put an end to obesity. Both sexes though seem to lean towards the more conventional way of combat – diet pills. Diet pills for obesity treatment are widely popular around the world. Various brands, both the FDA-regulated and the non-regulated continue to sprout in the market. We even encounter diet pills that claim provide miracles when in reality, the task is one that needs more than these prescriptions. But of course there are brands that are really reliable, with the help of course of say a major lifestyle overhaul.

So what are these diet pills? Basically, there are two kinds: prescription and non-prescription. Examples of prescription pills are Xenical and Meridia. The former is considered one of the most if not the most popular of all prescription pills today. These diet pills were thoroughly tested by the FDA and are proven effective and safe. As for the non-prescription pills, examples are Proactol, Alli, ProshapeRx and Hoodia Gordonii. This type of diet pills is subject to a minimal examination by the FDA. Of course it’s always good to consult your doctor so you’ll know which one is good for you.

Another reason why consulting a doctor is essential is because the treatment Of Obesity differs for every person. It depends on one’s obesity level. The proper treatment, take note is a good combination of the perfect exercise plan, a healthy diet, counseling (obesity brings forth changes in one’s behavior), and of course the diet pill that is just right for you.

A doctor will tell you that diet pills are the quickest way to brush off obesity. They are just some of the most effective ones too. But as earlier stated, it is not all that. You can bet that an obese person who takes a more popular diet pill but does not workout and still do lavish eating will not get the result that he wants. On the contrary, an obese person who takes a lesser known but effective diet pill and follows an exercise regimen and practices healthy eating is more likely to achieve the result that he desires. You see, the key is discipline. If you have it, you know you’re on the right track. You are on your way to having a healthier body. But if you don’t, better check on your motivations again.

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