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Nagging can be as distressing for the recipient as the person who is resorting to this behavior in the first place.  It usually stems from secondary factors, and is only a symptom of some other crisis that we are facing. Instead of branding this behavior as a personality trait it is very important for us to question ourselves and the motives which causes us to nag.

Nagging is caused due to various pent up emotions and unmet expectations that we might harbor towards our spouse. This behavior can arise due to various tensions amongst the couple or can be something very personal being experienced by just one of the partners. In the former case couples might find themselves caught in stressful emotional, financial or family issues which can cause one of them to turn to nagging the other.

 In the daily whirlwind of everyday life we sometimes loose the intrinsic connection with our true selves. We allow small and petty issues to take over our relationships, not realizing that this could even end up ruining the our main source of happiness. It is therefore very important to re-examine our actions and identify the gaps in our communication which might be the cause of our distressing behavior.

Tackle the Root Cause – Most of the times nagging is just a form of some other deep grown issue within our relationship or ourselves. It is important to sit back and observe our motives. Even more important is to examine the quality and effectiveness of our communication. These factors together help us to identify the main cause of our stressful behavior, and to take effective steps towards resolving it.Identify Your Issues – The most important step to stop nagging is to identify your core issues. First you need to analyze the factors that are bothering you. This is more productive than focusing on the emotions which manifest themselves in the form of nagging.

Communicate Effectively – Effective communication in one of the basic tenets of a successful relationship. It is therefore important for your partner to be aware of your thoughts, and your perspective about the various aspects of life. Make sure to spend some quality time together every day and talk about things that bother you candidly.

Voice Your Opinions Confidently – Before you reach the point of nagging it is possible to avoid this situation entirely by voicing the main problem that is bothering with your partner. You should be able to talk about the issues that are bothering you, and resolve them amicably.

Learn to Let go – Once an agreeable solution is reached it is also very important to let go of the issue and dissolve it completely and not let it bother you again. It is vital to be flexible and give your spouse the space and freedom to express and receive constructive criticism. This will help both of you to grow personally as well as contribute effectively towards nourishing the relationship.

Accept Shortcomings – Accept your spouse in spite of his / her shortcomings, accept that nobody is perfect. Help each other to sail through hardships of life smoothly.

Honest Relationships – A very important factor to stop nagging is to be honest in your relationship with your spouse. This also includes being honest with yourself and creating space in your relationship to deal with any issues that may arise.

By incorporating all of this into your relationship you will see positive results in yourself. You will also see changes in the way your spouse communicates with you. Good luck and remember your relationship is worth the effort!

Hobbies to Stimulate Your Mind and Release Stress

All of us know that a restful mind, body and spirit is very important for our health and longevity but it is become nearly impossible to screen ourselves from the various stressful situations that we face every day. While we cannot completely eradicate the causative factors of stress in our lives we can definitely take effective measures towards de-stressing ourselves.  

And when it comes to easing stress and stimulating our minds nothing works as effectively as pursuing some interesting hobbies. We have outlined some simple but very effective hobby ideas here which will be a good platform to start with. These hobbies will allow you to spend some quality time with yourself and very soon you will be surprised at the number of creative ideas that you come up with by yourself!

Nature is a great inspiration as well as an amazing healer. So why not pick up a hobby that will allow you to spend time amongst nature’s beauty? One of the best ways to make this possible is by pursuing gardening. The touch of earth, the heady fragrance of flowers and herbs as well as the amazing bounty of colors all come together to act as a truly wonderful stimulator for our senses!

Herb gardens - You don’t have to have a sprawling lawn or acres of farmland to enjoy gardening. All you need is some passion and initiative on your part and then let nature take its course! So go ahead and choose a small patch in your backyard to start a herb garden. You can grow your favorite aromatics and will be able to enjoy your very own herbal brew in no time!

Indoor Gardening - If space is a problem go for an assortment of potted plants and spend some quality time to take care of them on a daily basis. Plants also work very efficiently in absorbing negative energy from our bodies and the extra surge of oxygen also works wonderfully in refreshing our mind and body.

Green houses – If you have a small terrace or an open courtyard, why not transform it into a green house. This can be your very own stress relief project and very soon you will have a beautiful sanctuary to enjoy with your friends and family!

Another great hobby to that can help you in stimulating your mind as well as releasing stress is working with colors. Since ancient times colors are used for healing stress as well as relieving various physical ailments as they are very therapeutic stimulants for the body, mind and soul.

Painting - Painting is one of the most loved hobbies across the globe as it allows people to connect with their creative side. So go ahead and give yourself some much needed color therapy by painting lovely sceneries or redoing the walls of your kids rooms in bright and vibrant shades.

Coloring Mandalas – Mandalas are a sacred art form which consists of geometric shapes and concentric circles.  Working with these symbols help in increasing a person’s concentration and also assists in tuning in to one’s inner self.  So go ahead and visit your favorite bookstore to get a mandala coloring book.  As you play with colorful palettes you will soon find yourself easing out into a relaxed state of mind.

Once you start incorporating relaxing hobbies in your routine you will immediately notice a surge in your spirits. Every small task will make you feel rejuvenated and energized which will do wonders in improving your health and productivity!

Hobbies to Stimulate Your Mind and Release Stress

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