Almost Instant Gratification in a Workout

Almost Instant Gratification in a Workout

Almost Instant Gratification in a Workout

By Kirby Adams

The temperatures are so cold the kids won''t even stick a toe out the door, so they just sit all day in front of the TV. What a weekend, right? Here''s another idea. One guaranteed to get their blood flowing and yours as well. The Core Krav Maga Center now offers classes for kids. The part that gets you involved – they offer the adult class at the same time so you work out while your kids do the same.

So what is krav maga? It was explained to me as an Israeli self-defense system based on your body''s natural instincts. Sounds complicated, but apparently it''s not since you are not really being taught anything new. What makes krav maga unique is that students are honing their natural reactions to stressful situations. Adults I have talked with say they pick it up extremely fast and get an incredible workout. Kara Reeder is one of the children''s instructors. She became a fan of krav maga after five years of taking another form of martial arts.

“I have never gotten a better workout than the hour I spend doing krav maga,” Reeder told me. “You go from zero to one hundred in a few second so it''s explosive and you get an incredible cardiovascular workout.” Students leave the building in a full out sweat.

The kids'' classes are filled with both boys and girls starting at age 6 up to 14. Reeder says the kids, like the adults, pick it up extremely fast so their sense of accomplishment is high and immediate. There is plenty of punching, striking and kicking but kids are not taught to retaliate. They are taught to effectively defend themselves, keeping in mind that fighting in a school setting can often result in expulsion. Reeder does say, however, children are taught how to fight back if an adult attacks them.

Besides the self-defense, kids play a lot of games in class. Dodgeball, for instance, is certainly fun but it also teaches a child to be aware of their surroundings while building fitness at the same time.

Today there are about 10 children in Reeder''s class. It''s taught with two instructors so that new students have time to learn the drills before advancing into the group with more seasoned students. The environment is positive and nurturing; the practice is taught without criticism. Reeder has two boys in class who refused to take part in any other type of sport, but love the krav maga.

“They feel like they can defend themselves. No one feels out of place and every kid is basically on the same level because it''s so easy to learn you definitely don''t have to be an athlete to take pick this up and enjoy it,” said Reeder.

Classes for both kids and adults are taught Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. Class is an hour long. Reeder says no martial arts experience is needed.

The Core Krav Maga Training Center is located off Old Henry Road at 1920 Stanley Gault Parkway . Call 489-5444 for more information.

Kirby Adams is the consumer reporter for Kentuckiana''s News Channel WHAS-11 and a sports and fitness buff. You can e-mail Kirby at Kirby is also a member of Kentuckiana HealthFitness'' Editorial Advisory Board.

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