What We Played This Week – 25/10/09

What We Played This Week – 25/10/09

Sure I’m currently away on holiday, enjoying the heady “building the 70′s forgot” heights of Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some serious game playing this week, right? …. Right?

What Matt’s Been Playing:

After finishing Brutal Legend, I’ve been finishing up all the available side-missions. I’m sorry to say that it hasn’t been much of an enjoyable task. Most of them have been fairly repetitive, although I did enjoy the hunting challenges.

Attempts to play through Sam & Max Through Time and Space have bee hampered slightly by picking up Borderlands. You have to love a title that settles all qualms by stating in big bold letters on the back: “Two-Player Splitscreen“. The game is pretty awesome, although the splitscreen menu system is as stupid as I’ve seen in a long time. Side scrolling your inventory? Bizarre.

Looking forward to eGames Expo coming up this week, checking out Assassin’s Creed 2 and a couple of others. By all means let us know if you’re attending and want to say hi!

What Mark’s Been Playing:

Once again, a week of little played. We played the computer version of Risk. I quite disliked it as I was getting smashed and, in seriously childish fashion, took my bat and ball and went home.

Things of note, however:

  1. Dalek helmets do restrict Wii Sports gameplay. Who would’ve thought?
  2. Operation Flashpoint 2: Fuck You I’m a Dragon was shit. So incredibly shit, in fact, that I took it back to the retailer. I NEVER take back a game as there’s always that time, a few months in the future, when you want to give it another run through. I do not forsee this with OP2:FYIAD. After playing the original, and that one by the other company (ARMA I think it was), I was so incredibly disappointed with it that I couldn’t even have it around the house. Who the fuck wants to crawl five kilometres to an objective to get smashed by a gunship helicopter?
  3. Looking forward to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. I think that makes it COD8, or maybe COD4 to the power of 2, so what’s that? COD16? Maths wasn’t my strong suit.